Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chukkallo Chandrudu
Siddartha, ANR, Waheeda Rehman, Sada, Charmme, Saloni, Pratap Potan, Ahuti Prasad, Sunil, Kondavalasa, Tanikella Bharani, K.R. Vijaya, Sana & Prabhu Deva (special appearance)
Alexander Vallabha
Kona Venkat
Abhik Mukhopadyaya & Sameer Reddy
Surendra Krishna, Bhaskarabhatla & Kandikonda
Srikar Prasad
Anand Sai
Siddardha, Siva Kumar & Kona Venkat
Creative Commercials
Siva Kumar
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Akkineni Nageswara Rao makes his grandson Arjun (Siddartha) promise to find and marry a suitable bride. Arjun, an NRI from Germany, comes to India, changes his name to Krishna to maintain his true identity a secret, and takes the help of his childhood friend Puppy (Sunil).They shortlist and identify three candidates as potential brides - Sravani, Sandhya and Shalini. Sravani (Sada) is a medical student from a middle family, Sandhya (Charmme) is a firebrand women activist and Shalini Rao (Saloni) is a tennis player of national reputation. What are the criteria he sets for his dream bride? How does he apply these tests? What problems does he face? How do these tests succeed or fail? What are the girls’ expectations from their future groom? What are the comic scenes introduced by these situations? See the movie to find out.
Siddardha is a natural for the hero’s role; his dialogue delivery, accent, body language, appealing looks, and natural behaviour make him entirely natural and believable. Charmme, as the outspoken social activist, gets a chance to show more histrionics compared to the other heroines. Sada is very good in her limited role; she acts like the timid girl perfectly, with her eyes, dialogues, and silence. Saloni, as the tennis player, provides oomph. ANR, is as usual, flawless as the doting grandfather; Waheeda Rehman is truly wonderful, though her role is very short; Prabhu Deva’s cameo role is truly worth watching; Prathap Pothan is good, and the dubbed voice suits him perfectly; Sunil, as the dumb buddy of Arjun, sparkles; Ahuthi Prasad dons a different hair style (or is it wig?).
Debutant director Siva Kumar has done a good job, taking an essentially simple story, and creating interesting situations within it to hold the viewers’ attention, and extracting the best from the artistes. This director is worth watching! Chakri’s music is good and is well-matched by the dance and action of the stars. Abhik Mukhopadyay’s and Sameer Reddy’s Cinematography is OK. Kona Venkat’s dialogues arre short and sweet, worth repeating, with English included in a natural manner, as seen in actual life today. Artwork by Anand Sai is good Creative Commercials have done an excellent job.
The film provides clean comedy of the situational variety, and the first half is entertaining and racy; the second half, where all loose ends have to be tied up, drags. There is no masala for frontbenchers except Saloni’s tennis outfits. The director has intelligently used the visuals and dialogues from “Kaun Banega Karodpathi” in a novel manner to give possible solutions to the hero’s dilemma. Chukkallo Chandrudu in short, is a sophisticated comedy film for the urban family.